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Our Services 

  • We offer physical production, accounting and supervision services to projects visiting Australia to shoot here.

  • We are strategically positioned in Australia, where federal incentive programs exist to trigger $4 billion in local spend on content production.

  • We help maximize the Australian incentives, which regularly offer soft money of up to 50% of production budgets (features and episodic).

  • Australia is a safe production environment, with talented crew and excellent infrastructure.

  • We are able to streamline and add value by offering co-financing and/or exec producing through other companies within our group.

  • Act as sponsor for visas/work permits and assist with other border and immigration issues

  • Negotiate with local Unions to engage local cast and crew and use of our bespoke negotiated cast agreement for offshore productions

  • Arrangement of physical production needs, catering, equipment hire, health and safety, security, relevant insurances, travel and accommodation

  • Work with you in dealing with both State and Federal Government agencies to access and maximise production incentives and tax rebates – manage the Grant and Tax Incentive applications

  • Organise import/export of crew and equipment

  • Consult on issues surrounding casting and crewing in Australia, including working with minors, and assist with contracting

  • Aid in location scouting, planning and logistics

  • Management of studio and facility hire negotiations

  • Registration of a special purpose Australian company for the production (providing services of mandatory Australian resident director)

  • COVID management strategies, compliance and consultation

  • Consult on production budgets and schedules

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